• Электробайк Charger8K
  • Электробайк Charger8K
  • Электробайк Charger8K
  • Электробайк Charger8K

Charger 8K — powerful electric moped

Powerful, clean and silent.

Charger8K is reliable and well-tested hub motor platform with pedals. You can use it for offroad riding as well as for everyday commuting, thanks to large capacity  (up to 4.5 kWh) LG battery. This is eco-friendly and practical trensport.   


Charger 8K base configuration includes 3 kWh battry. You can also upgrade to LG 4.5 kWh battery. Large capacity high density cells  (250 wh/kg) comes from electric car industry. This type of cells is developed for high loads and long life cycle.


Bike range for 3 kWh battery, depended on speed:

Up to 150 km on 45 km/h

Up to 100 km on 60 km/h

Up to 60 km on 80 km/h

Battery tech specs:

Energy stored: 3024Wh / 4536Wh upgraded.

Rated voltage: 72v

Capacity 42Ah / 63Ah upgraded

Chem: Li-NMC / li-po

Life cycle: 80% after 1000 cycles

Charger: 84v, 5А (8 hours) / 10A upgraded (6 hours).

Hub-motor is practical and low maintaince


Motor type: direct drive hub motor

Rated power: 3kW  (check you local regulations)

Peak power: 8kW / 12kW with QS205 / QS273 upgrade

Max speed: up to 80-90 km/h

Regenerative breaking   (recuperation) — charges battery while breaking and saves break pads.

Doesn't require oil change or any other maintaince — there is no transmission.  


You can directly control motor power with a standard throttle. 
There is 3-position switch for power levels, adjustable via APP.
Regenerative breaking turns on through break leaver sensors, which also cuts off motor power.
There is cruise control function. 


Battery charge level, speedometer, odometer are displayed on your mobile phone via special APP. Using this app, you can also adjust other controller settings, such as regen strength, soft start, 3-position switch and more.



Why would you need pedals with 3000w motor? Here is why:

• Using pedals, you can comfortably extend your range up to 4 tumes.
• If you run out of charge, you don't have to walk home or call bike transporter. Just pedal as normal bicycle.
• You are cyclist and can use bicycle paths and other infrastructure, while pedaling, according with your local regulations. 

Charger8K turbo 8000W 2020

Universal electric bike for road or offroad

The frame

Charger4K is assembled using modular, locally developed high presicion laser-cut steel frame.

Dual suspension with adjustable rear shocks mount, using high quality and lightweight bicycle parts. DNM rear shocks with preload-rebound adjustments, DH or motorcycle front fork with preload-rebound adjustments

Whees are 17» motorcycle size.

Break system: front and rear hudraulic bicycle with 203 mm rotors / moto breaks and regenerative breaking.

Electric moped or light motorcycle


You can store Charger bike as normal bicycle in your house or flat. 

Bike can fit in normal elevator. You can set bike on rear wheel using rear breaks or throttle  (with some training). 

You can put in in most cars with front wheel detached. 

You can transport Charger bike in most railways  (not subways).


Made in Russia

Charger4K is assembled by hand in Moscow, Russia. We also offer tech support and local warranty / post warranty service.


Colour: black. You can also order any color in advance.

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Controller BT module + APP

On/off key lock

LED lights


Pedals or pegs choice



USB [$30]

Fenders [$50]

GPS tracker module [$50]

Road package  (rear view mirrors, turning lights, horn, stop signal) [$80]

Battery upgrade: 72v, 63Ah, + 50% range [$650]

Power up 12К pack: QS205 hub motor, 100A -> 150A controller upgrade, + 50% power. Battery upgrade and front motorcycle fork option are required [$350]

Warranty 12 month in Moscow.