Charger bike — your transport of the future!

Electric bikes stops the eye and delivers astonishing experience! It's full function scooter for fast city travel and offroad bike as well! You can choose betwen roads and bike path for a pleasure ride! It's green and enviromental friendly: no noise or pollution.

There is two different Charger bike types for the moment:


Charger 360

Foldable frame
24 inch wheels
Full suspension

Up to 35 km/h top speed with 720 W hub motor
Up to 45 km range with 360 Wh li-ion battery
Charging time is 4 hours  (with 54.6 v 2А stock charger)
Complete equipment: front light, rear light, turning lights, 21 speed shift, LCD display, front and rear disc brakes, 2.125 inch tire, kick stand.
Weight is 25 kg

Price: $1111

Charger 2000

E-Kross electric bike frame
24 inch wheels
Full suspension

Up to 60 km/h top speed with 2000 W hub motor
Up to 100 km range with 1680 Wh li-polymer battery
Charging time is 8 hours (with 54.6 v 5А stock charger)
Complete equipment: 7 gear shift, big LCD display, 3 inch tire.
Weight is 45 kg

Price: $3500

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